Bowling Federation of India

'Objectives of the Federation'

Main Objective of the Federation is to Popularise Bowls in India and Form pro- active State Bowls Association in every State of India, giving access to one and all from the Schools to the Senior levels.

Train a corpus of Bowls Coaches & Technical Officials to carry the objectives forward.

Improve the standard of BOWLS in the country, bring it at par with International level prior to the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Focus on winning Medals at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games.

Followed by meritorious performances in futureWorld / Asia Pacific/ Asian Championships by Team India.

This can only be achieved if our Bowlers are coached by Dedicated Proffessionals on International Standard Bowls Surface and have access to the best Bowls Equipment available in the world.

Hence the Focus will be to arrange top class Coaches to Coach our players and Train Indian Coaches, procure and give access to the best Bowls equipment available in the world for Grooming our Bowlers.

Focus will be given to make Bowls into a Social, Club, Corporate & a Family Sport “ An age old Game for all Ages”

The Federation will fully concentrate on developing Green Keepers of International standard & locate the best Installers of Synth. Turfs to induce the best playing conditions in the country.

Present Status of Bowls in India

Current level of our players does not match the International level of the Game, in fact our ladies and men’s team participating at Major World Bowls event have only seen the bottom half of the ladder.

But it is commonly citied at these meets that with the minimum exposure our Bowlers get they perform beyond expectations, some of our players have beaten World Class players but do not have the consistency to win a Championship.

The Consistency will come with more exposure and a rigiourous Training and Coaching Programme under Proffessional Coaches as has happened in Shooting, Archery, Chess etc.

Bowling Federation of India’s GOAL FOR 2009 ~ 2010

  • Construct the FOUR Green Venue for the CWG Immediately and employ International Coaches to build up Team India.

  • Construct immediately at least Five Regional full size Greens at SAI Centers at Kolkata, Delhi, Banglore,Patiala & Gandhinagar, to give the rest of the Nation an equal chance to participate in the 2010 Games.

  • Also short-list potential talent with hand and eye co-ordination and most important the interest and zeal to go ahead with a rigourous 2 years of full time training and coaching Regime.

  • Urgently install full size Greens for practice and training at Siri Fort, DPS, Jamia Milia, Trans Jamuna etc. in Delhi and start the coaching and training programme by short-listing for the year 2009-2010 = 15 Male + 15 Female prospective players with good hand and eye co-ordination.

  • From the year 2009, India will host frequently International meets to give our team a taste of competition and to build up their reserves and stamina to stand up against the best in the Bowls Arena.

  • From 2009 onwards the prospective Team India – 15 Men + 15 Women to attend at least twice a year a 15 days / 30 days conditioning and coaching camps in Australia and U.K.

Planning Pattern

  • BFI with the help of S.A.I to provide concentrated training with scientific back-up to the probables, so that they can gradually achieve required Skills and Fitness to perform successfully in the International Arena and in front of the home crowd.

  • Basic idea is to train the Bowls players with modern techniques and tactics employed by the opponents.

  • Coaches to enable our players to attain more than adequate fitness level to make them move successfully from their level to higher level to enable them to achieve top International performance.

  • To achieve this, services of a dedicated team of expert Coaches, Trainers, dieticians, Yoga Teachers, Psychiatrists and other concerned experts have been employed / are to be employed.

  • Also the access to best training surfaces and Equipment, Foot-wear and kit will be the top priority.

Competition Schedule

As soon as the Training Venues are ready, the BFI Council with the assisatance of Proffessional Coaches will redrawn the Competition Calender from 2009 onwards. Properly adjust links between major International Championships, preparatory International exposures, National Championships and Regional Competitions will be paid full attention.

Development of Juniors

Long term development plan for Bowlers as in any other sport must evolve around Juniors to make the best impact. Junior development plan is a lengthy process in terms of time-investment and is full of uncertainities in a country like ours.

As seen recently at the National Games in Guwahati, the Indian Juniors are full of potential and talent, with proper nurturing and guidance they will do well in future.

In the Bowls development meeting held in Melbourne in November 2005, the World body has granted the first World School Championship to India to be hosted in 2009/ 2010 as a warm-up event to the Commonwealth Games as soon as world class facilities for playing and hosting are ready for the participants.

Hence, the Federation is requesting and chasing the concerned departments that the work on the Practice venue at DPS, R.K.Puram / Trans Jamuna get completed immediately as these centers between them can host these games.

The advantage of World School games will be immense in testing our preparedness, testing the acumen of our Technical officials and in irioning out the flaws in our management. The Games will only help us to improve on ourselves.

State Bowls Centers

To promote Bowls into a major sport in India as it is the most suitable for the Indian Physicque and intellectual, The Federation has requested SAI, Organising Committee CWG, and other concerned authorities to immediately develop Seven Bowls centers in the following States –

  • W.Bengal – Kolkata, SAI Center.

  • Delhi – Delhi SAI Center

  • Karnataka - Banglore, SAI Center

  • Gujrat – Gandhinagar, SAI Center

  • Punjab – Patiala, SAI Center.

  • Assam – Guwahati, National Stadium

Competition Calendar 2009 onwards (Tentative): 2009:

  • 34th. National Games – February 15th. to February 28t., 2009 at Ranchi

  • 2nd. All India Federation cup National States C’ship,2009, at Delhi (fixture, yet to be finalised) Expenditure will be Rs.5,00,000/= approx. (at DPS, R.K.Puram)

  • 2009 Lawn Bowls Nationals at Delhi, (fixture, yet to be finalised) Expenditure will be Rs. 5,00,000/= approx.(at DPS, R.K.Puram)

  • 1st. All India Selection Trials for Short – listing the final 15+ 15 probables for the 2010 DPS, R.K.Puram, fixture, (yet to be finalised) Expenditure will be Rs. 5,00,000/= approx.


  • 3rd. All India Federation cup National States C’ship,2010, at Delhi (fixture, yet to be finalised) Expenditure will be Rs. 5,00,000/= approx.( at D.D.A, Trans Jamuna)

  • 2010 Lawn Bowls Nationals at Delhi, (fixture, yet to be finalised) Expenditure will be Rs. 5,00,000/= approx.(at D.D.A, Trans Jamuna)

  • National Games 2010, (fixture, yet to be finalised)
     Patiala Firm
     Village Chandanhula
     Mehrauli, Delhi -74

“Two short steps, focus on the jack, watch your balance, go….” Richard Gale, the Australian bowls coach, puts his wards through their paces on the Maidan green of the Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC).

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